Akko Wave (ASA)

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  • Corresponding layout: US layout
  • Material: PBT
  • Profile: ASA Profile
  • Compatible switches: Cherry MX and compatible switches
  • Engraved: 2-color molding (double shot)
  • Number of keys: 226

* This item is a keycap only. Keyboard etc. are not included.

Staff memo

A keycap composed of light green and dark green.
Surprisingly, the main alphanumerical keys are included in two colors, so depending on your layout, you can assemble two keyboards with just this keycap.
A profile called the ASA Profile (the shape of the keycap) has an element that is somewhere between the SA profile and the Cherry profile.
The shape of the keycap top looks like this when viewed from above. (From left: Cherry Profile / ASA Profile / SA Profile)

Also, from the side, it looks like this. (Cherry Profile / ASA Profile / SA Profile from the front)

Recommended keyboard

Since the basic keys of the low staggered are complete, it is suitable for DZ60 REV 3.0 type-c , DZ60 RGB V2 , etc. There is also a Stepped Caps Lock key (printed as an icon).
Since many modifier keys are icon keys and design keys, they can also be used for the split type 7sPro and Choco60 rev.2 if the input and printing do not match .
For column staggered and ortholinear, the input and print often do not match, but the keycap itself is not missing.
It also contains two alphanumerical keys, so it can also be used in Alice arrays.

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