Akko ASA Clear White kepcap set

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  • Corresponding layout: US layout
  • Material: PC (polycarbonate)
  • Profile: ASA Profile
  • Compatible switches: Cherry MX and compatible switches
  • Engraving: UV printing
  • Number of keys: 155
  • Color variation: White
    → Click here for other colors: Black / Mint

* This item is a keycap only. Keyboard etc. are not included.


The prints are made by UV printing, which has been tested for abrasion and scratch resistance, so it won't come off easily.
However, since it is only printed on the surface, it may come off if you touch it with a large amount of hand sweat, oil, chemicals, or scratch it with your nails.

Staff memo

A translucent white keycap by Akko.
The surface is slippery due to the influence of the PC material, which is unusual for a keycap.

Made of a PC with excellent transparency, the keycap allows the LED light to pass through beautifully.

The keycap profile is the ASA profile, which is taller than the Cherry profile but not too tall as the SA profile.
The key top part is shaped like a shallow ball.

The keycaps include not only the keys used in the basic US layout, but also many 1U keycaps, and can be used for layouts other than low staggered.
There is also printing for Mac (OPT / CMD), so it is recommended for those who are a little disappointed that "I have to use the Win key even though I am using a Mac".
It also includes several free-to-use keycaps, such as animal-designed keycaps.

Recommended keyboard

For the translucent keycap, we recommend a keyboard with LEDs on all keys.

  • Gopolar GG86 Low staggered TKL (without numeric keypad) keyboard.
    The case itself is also translucent, so you can get a sense of unity as a whole by matching it.
  • DZ64 RGB Hot-swap PCB It is a 60% keyboard of low staggered.
    Since the 1U and 2U Shift keys are included, you can align the keycaps by themselves.
  • Corne Cherry V3
    It is a split 40% keyboard of column staggered.
    Since it uses a lot of 1U keycaps, it goes well with keycaps, but it can be used without problems.

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