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A keycap that fits the Kailh Choc v1 switch.


  • Layout: All 1u
  • Material: coated polycarbonate
  • Corresponding switch: Kailh Choc v1 switch
  • Engraved: laser plated (backlit compatible)
  • Key size: MX (19.05x19.05mm)
  • Number of keys: 58x1U / 1x2U

* This item is a keycap only. Keyboard etc. are not included.

    Staff memo

    Engraved keycap for Choc v1.
    Unlike many keycaps for Choc v1 so far, it is supposed to be applied to keyboards with the same pitch as the keycaps for MX.
    Only the central part has a shallow dented shape in a spherical (a bowl-shaped dented shape).
    The difference from WRK Daily is the presence or absence of a sub-legend in the Q key line, but I think this sub-legend is useful for those who set numbers in the layer of the Q key line.
    In addition, although the character printing part looks white, it is translucent so that the light of the backlight LED can pass through well.
    I think it is also recommended for people who like keyboards that glow with LEDs.

    Recommended keyboard

    It is a set of 58 1u and 1 2u keycaps, so it is a perfect fit for Helix rev3 LP that does not use keys larger than 1u.
    If you need a key with a size larger than 1u, you need to take some measures such as using the keycap of the MBK profile .

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