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The Maze 64 is a 60% keyboard designed to make it easy to enjoy a keyboard with a simple tray mount configuration.
No soldering is required, and the assembly can be completed with just a screwdriver.


    • It is a product that includes a keyboard case, PCB, plate, and bag.
    • It is necessary to prepare a key switch, keycap, stabilizer, and cable separately.


    • Product images include prototypes. Please note that it may differ from the actual product.
    • The product may be scratched or soiled due to manufacturing reasons. Even in that case, we will not accept returns unless it interferes with the operation.

      Product Specs

      • Mount Type: Tray Mount
      • Firmware: VIA (QMK not supported)
      • PCB: Wired, hot-swap, ESD Protected
      • Typing Angle: 6 °
      • Front height: 15 cm
      • Colors: E-White / E-Black alu case
      • Case: Aluminum
      • Weight Material: Anodized Aluminum
      • Plate: Aluminum
      • Additional Features: Removable bottom case standoffs
      • Weight: 870g +- (not including key switch and keycap)
      • Size: 295.95mm x 112.67mm x 29.49mm (excluding thickest part, key switch, keycap)


      • 1 X Aluminum Cases
      • 1 X Aluminum Plate
      • 1 X Foam between PCB and plate
      • 4 X Foot
      • 1 X Storage Bag

        What you need separately

        JSON file for VIA, Remap

        Please download and use it from here .


        See here .
        (Partial excerpt about LED)
        The LED of the Caps Lock key is lit by turning on the Caps Lock function.
        The LED of the Win key lights up with the Fn function turned on by pressing the Fn key and the left Win key.

        Staff memo

        A luxurious keyboard kit that includes a 60% keyboard case with Poker-compatible screws, a PCB, a switch plate, and a foam and bag.
        All parts that are socket type and require soldering are already mounted, so there is no need for troublesome soldering.
        Although it is not QMK in the specification, it can be used without any inferiority if you change the keymap using VIA or Remap.
        Only one layout is supported, but I think many people will find it easier to use a layout with a cursor key in the lower right corner.
        The case also has a highly durable surface treatment such as E-Black and E-White, so it can be used habitually for a long time.

        Build log

        This is a build log by Yusha Kobo Guild members !
        Please use it as a reference when purchasing!

        Homebrew keyboard: 60% US layout Maze64 review


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