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This is an aluminum cutting case "GL516 case" designed by salicylic acid, who runs the blog "How to walk in the hot spring town" "Weekly report of the hot spring town" and is the developer of the popular keyboards " 7sPro " and " JISplit89 ".
* This product is a single case set and does not include a keyboard set, keycap, key switch, or PC connection cable.


  • Internal structure that makes it easy to incorporate Pro Micro and BLE Micro Pro
  • By attaching a specially designed acrylic plate to the upper part of the case, it is possible to eliminate the gap on the upper surface of the case in many layouts.
  • By using the keyboard acrylic plate service , it is possible to coordinate according to the keycap.
  • Achieves innumerable expandability by combining plates that can mount AAA batteries, etc.
  • A keyboard with an original layout can be realized relatively easily by creating a PCB design template.


Japanese self-made keyboards are popular not only for general low staggered keyboards, but also for original layouts such as column staggered keyboards and ortholinear keyboards that match the movements of the hands.
However, when trying to realize a keyboard with an original layout, we run into problems in various cases.
Therefore, we designed this GL516 case to support the keyboard design of the original layout.
Not only can you easily enjoy the coordination with the keycap by the decoration plate attached to the top surface, but you can also reduce the gap between the keycap and the case that you are worried about when using a general-purpose case as much as possible.
This GL516 case has a space to store the Pro Micro, and you can create a keyboard with an original layout relatively easily by using a dedicated design template and design procedure .
In addition, by replacing Pro Micro with BLE Micro Pro, it is possible to support wireless connection functions that are difficult to import although there are high needs.
Please enjoy your own keyboard with this GL516 case!

Commentary etc.

It is a commentary by Mr. Daihuku's video.

Please refer to the following articles for more detailed product features.

Let's talk about designing the 65% case "GL516" for your own keyboard! --Self-made keyboard How to walk in the hot spring town

Please refer to the following articles for the assembly procedure.

Self-made keyboard kit "A52GL" "J73GL" build guide --Self-made keyboard How to walk in the hot spring town

Click here for an introductory design guide for the GL516.

GL516 Design Guide-Zenn

Please refer to the following articles for the layout of your own keyboard.

Talk about various key layouts on your own keyboard --- How to walk in the hot spring town


  • This item is for keyboard cases only. It does not include keyboard kits, switches, keycaps, etc. required to complete the keyboard.

Product Specifications

  • Case material: Machined aluminum
  • Surface treatment: Black / Silver alumite
  • Weight: 557g (actual measurement)
  • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
  • Dimensions: 326mm (horizontal) x 115mm (vertical) x 30mm (height) * Does not include rubber feet

Included in GL516 case (black / silver)

  • GL516 case (black / silver) x 1
  • Plate set x 1
  • Screw x 28
  • Rubber feet x 4

* The GL516 case alone cannot be used as a keyboard.
To use it as a keyboard, you need a J73GL set, an A52GL set or a set for other GL516 compatible keyboards, as well as a keycap and keyswitch .

Staff memo

This is a proposal for a new self-made keyboard by Mr. Salicylic Acid, who has published many blog articles for beginners.
Even though it is a machined aluminum keyboard case, it is possible to adopt Pro Micro and BLE Micro Pro, which simplifies the design and makes wireless support easy.
There is a wide range of modifications, and the acrylic decoration plate cut by the keyboard acrylic plate service allows color coordination to match the keycap, and there are many ways to improve the feeling of keystrokes.
In addition, it is said that you can make a keyboard with an original layout by following the procedure and template that Mr. Salicylic Acid will publish later.
Various ways of playing are proposed, such as buying and using, modifying and making it easier to use, designing a keyboard with an original layout and trial and error, and distributing the compatible PCB that you made.
Regarding the distribution of the compatible PCBs we have made, we are waiting for registration to the consignment of Yusha Kobo.

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