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The Gopolar GG86 is a TKL keyboard (keyboard without a numeric keypad) that firmly holds down the basics of a custom keyboard at a low price.
It features a translucent plastic case, and it shines brightly by illuminating nearly 100 LEDs.
It is also equipped with OLED and can display keyboard information and animation.


    * This is a barebone product. It does not include the switches and keycaps required to complete the keyboard.

    Commentary etc.

    This is a review article by Mr. Salicylic Acid.

    Please see this page for DL ​​such as firmware.

    About the case

    The case is made of translucent plastic, and the top and bottom are fixed with claw-shaped parts.
    Since the translucent case allows the LED to pass through beautifully, it is also suitable for making it shine as a gaming keyboard.
    Since there is a kickstand on the bottom side, you can change the keyboard to your favorite angle.

    When disassembling the case, it is necessary to bite the spatula on the claws of the top and bottom cases to remove it, but since the case will be scratched, it may be better to use cards that are no longer used.

    About layout

    Since the GG86 uses a multi-layout, you can change the layout in some parts.

    • CapsLock: Replaceable with Stepped keycaps
    • Shift key (left side): Can be changed to 1.25U Shift and 1U keys
    • Enter key: Can be changed to ISO enter and 1U key
    • Shift key (right side): 1.75U Shift and 1U key can be changed
    • Win key: Can be disabled with the included Blocker

    About firmware / software

    I am using QMK Firmware and VIA.

    As for QMK, only the hex file (built file) is open to the public, so you need to download the Hex file from this page and write it using QMK Toolbox. For writing, please check after "7. Writing with QMK toolbox" here .

    DL destination of hex file for QMK Firmware

    For VIA, refer to "3. Download VIA" and later here to customize the key code. However, since GG86 is not registered in VIA, you need to download the json file from this page and load it in VIA.

    DL destination of json file for VIA

    Staff memo

    It is a TKL keyboard that seems to become a standard as an introduction to custom keyboards at a low price.
    Above all, I am fascinated by the large number of items included. It comes with a keycap puller and a keyswitch puller, so you can enjoy the fun of changing switches and keycaps one after another.
    The point is that the number of LEDs is very large. While many commercially available gaming keyboard cases are opaque, translucency means that the LED transmission is very noticeable.
    It's also surprising that it comes with a silicone case foam. Thanks to this case form, the echo of the keystroke sound of the keyboard is suppressed.
    Please note that the spacebar is 7U only, so 7U may not be included depending on the type of keycap set. Be careful when choosing a keycap.
    The quality of the entire product is stable and high, so it is recommended for first-time customers! !! !!

    Product Specifications

    • Width: 36.5 cm
    • Length: 13.8 cm
    • Height (front): 2.1 cm (keycap not included)
    • Height (rear): 3.1 cm (keycap not included)
    • Typing angle: 4.5 ° / 5.5 ° (when using kickstand)
    • Weight: 810 g
    • Case material: ABS
    • Switch plate material: FR4
    • Backlight LED: South-facing (LED position is below the switch)
    • PCB: Switch replaceable (5 pin & 3 pin)
    • Stabilizer: PCB mount, screw stabilizer (made by GoPolar)
    • Connection method: Wired connection (Type-C)
    • Firmware / Software: QMK Firmware, VIA

    Bundled items

    • GoPolar GG86 Case (Top & Bottom)
    • Hotswap PCB (using a PCB socket for Gateron switches)
    • FR4 switch plate
    • Silicone case foam
    • Screw stabilizer (4 * 2u, 1 * 7u)
    • Stabilizer foam
    • Switch puller
    • Keycap puller
    • Metal spatula
    • 1U size blocker (2 * white, 2 * black)
    • USB cable (A to C)
    • User guide

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