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CYBERBOARD R3 is a high-end 75% keyboard packed with various functions.
The flashy LED matrix panel and bright colors stand out, but every part, including the feeling of keystrokes, is packed with attention.
You can customize your own keyboard because it supports hot swap that does not require soldering for relocation of 80 keys excluding Fn key and replacement of switch by built-in dedicated software.

About LED matrix panel

  • Equipped with an LED matrix panel using 200 full-color LEDs
  • Various information (charge status, time, etc.) can be displayed on the LED matrix panel.
  • You can apply your favorite animation from the dedicated LED effect library (up to 3 types can be registered)
  • Original dot animation Animation can be created on a dedicated site
  • Smooth animation with high refresh rate

About the case

  • High-precision keyboard case machined from all-aluminum
  • Edge-heavy design inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck
  • Uniform and delicate pastel colors using electrophoretic coating
  • The color is inspired by various works directed by Wes Anderson.
    Cloud White: Isle of Dogs (Japanese title "Inugashima")
    Budapest Pink: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Japanese title "Grand Budapest Hotel")
    Aquatic Green: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • A gasket mount that sandwiches the plate that fixes the switch with a sponge to achieve a uniform and soft keystroke feeling.

About wireless connection

  • Wireless connection to PC etc. by Bluetooth is possible (Technical suitability acquired: 217-210203 )
  • Connections to 3 devices can be registered (connection destinations can be switched from the keyboard)
  • Can be used wirelessly anywhere with an internal lithium-ion battery (5000mAh x 2)
  • It supports wireless charging, and you can continue to use it wirelessly without worrying about running out of battery by continuing to supply power from the dedicated desk mat " CYBERMAT " (sold separately) (not available at our shop).

Other commitment

  • It is also possible to set the LED matrix panel including the key map from the dedicated website (only the Fn key cannot be changed)
  • Suppressing unnecessary echoes by filling the internal space with a sponge
  • A backlight LED is installed for each key, and various flashy illuminations can be set.
  • Burnt color painting is applied to each screw
  • Comes with a specially designed aluminum carrying case

    Keystroke video

    For details, please check the official website and the instruction manual .


    • This product is a set of keyboard case, PCB, switch plate, and carrying case.
    • A separate key switch, keycap, stabilizer, and USB cable are required to use it.


    • The product may be scratched or soiled due to manufacturing reasons. Even in that case, we will not accept returns unless it interferes with the operation.
    • The manufacturer's warranty is one year.
      Please check the detailed after-sales service rules in the instruction manual carefully.

      Product Specifications

      • Case material: Aluminum
      • Plate material: Aluminum (painted in the same color as the case)
      • Plate mount method: Gasket mount
      • Switch mounting method: Compatible with switch sockets
      • Typing angle: 10 °
      • Dimensions: Approx . 340 mm x Approx. 180 mm x Approx. 50 mm
      • Weight: Approximately 2.9 kg (excluding key switch and keycap)


      • Keyboard case
      • Keyboard plate (Same color as the case)
      • PCBs (USB PCB, keyboard PCB, LED PCB)
      • Carrying box

        What you need separately

        Build guide (assembly manual)

        Please refer to the instruction manual for the build guide (assembly instructions).

        Staff memo

        I don't think there is any other product that is so expensive as a device for inputting characters on a PC.
        First of all, I started with the price, but this is not a price with a brand or a premiere, but a distinctive design, bright and smooth paint, packed functions, good keystroke feeling, and a generous cost. It's just the result of being poured.
        I would like you to pick up this keyboard full of Cyber ​​world view and check the details of the attention given to it.
        This keyboard will give you a special experience that is not bound by the framework of the keyboard.

        By the way, the product name R3 indicates the third sale (Round 3).
        The R1 was very popular, and many people were disappointed that they couldn't buy it because the planned number of sales was finished immediately. (R2 has a mass production problem in surface treatment and was discontinued before the start of sales.)
        In R3, in addition to pursuing a feeling of keystroke by adopting a gasket mount, various improvements such as improvement of wired wireless switching, improvement of refresh rate of LED matrix panel and various improvements are made without compromise.



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