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DZ64 is a GH60 compatible keyboard PCB (printed circuit board).
Separate parts are required to use it as a keyboard.
Since the PCB socket for the switch is PCBA (installed at the factory), it can be assembled without soldering.
Since the firmware corresponding to VIA has already been written, all keymap changes can be done from the GUI.


  • English sequence
  • 64-key layout only (left Shift 2U)
    * Supports arrow keys.
  • Software support: VIA
  • USB Type-C compatible
  • VIA compatible
  • RGB: Backlight LED mounted on all keys
  • Hot swap support


Since the firmware has already been written, we recommend flashing only in case of problems.

Corresponding layout

Items required separately

Staff memo

The DZ64 is a GH60 compatible keyboard that uses arrow keys despite its 60% keyboard size.
Since the same plate and case as the DZ60 can be used, it is recommended for those who want a 60% keyboard but also want arrow keys.

Since the RGB LED shines from the bottom of all the keys, it is also recommended for those who want a keyboard that shines like a gaming keyboard.
The LED can also be disabled by setting the key in VIA.

Note that the keycap size is a bit special, such as the 2U Shift key and the 1U Shift / Ctrl / ALT key, so you need to refer to the corresponding layout before choosing a keycap.

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