Refund policy

The following return, refund, and exchange policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") applies to the use of the Yushakobo Web Store (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), a shopping site operated by Yushakobo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Store").

The Store has established this Policy, as follows


1. Application of this Policy

 The terms used in this Policy are as follows;

(1) "Cancellation" means a cancellation of an order after the customer has placed an order for a product on the Site. Generally, cancellations are not allowed except in cases where the conditions for returns set forth in this Policy are met, so please be careful when placing an order.

(2) "Return" means to cancel an order and return the product to the Store after the product has been received by the customer.

(3) "Refund" means to return the price of the product that the customer has paid to the Store when the customer returns the product.

(4) "Exchange" means if the requirements for the cancellation of an order of the product set forth in this Policy are met, the product received by the customer shall be returned to the Store, and the Store shall resend the customer a good or correct product with no defects.


2. Return or exchange conditions

 Generally, the Store may not accept any cancellations of an order, returns or exchanges of a product for the customer convenience.

 The customer may return or exchange the products of his/her order if all of the following conditions are met, except in cases of "No Return or Exchange" as defined in Paragraph 3.

(1) The customer must notify the Store of an intention to return or exchange the product within seven (7) days from the date of the arrival of the product (inclusive).

(2) The product shipped by the Store is defective or different from the product which has been ordered by the customer.

(3) The requests for a return or an exchange of the product must be made by the purchaser him/herself.


3. No Return and Exchange

 The customer may not return or exchange the product if any of the following conditions apply.

(1) Products that have been opened and used, and do not have any initial defects.

(2) Products that seven (7) days has passed from the date of arrival (inclusive).

(3) Products that have been scratched or soiled by the customer.

(4) Products without the packages (bags or cases)

(5) Other products that are clearly marked as non-returnable on the pages of the introduction of the products (for details, please contact the Store with an inquiry form).


5. Delivery costs for returns or exchanges

 In the cases that delivery costs are required to return the products, the Store may be burden to the delivery costs by sending the product back to the Store with cash on delivery. Please note that even if the customer sends the product back prepaid, the Store may not refund the amount of money equivalent to the delivery costs.


6. Method of return, refund, and exchange

 In the case of returns and refunds (hereinafter collectively referred to as "returns") or exchange, the following procedure shall be as follows.

(1) The customer contacts the Store for returns or an exchange through an inquiry form on this Site.

(2) When returns or exchange is approved by the Store, the customer must return the product to the Store with the packages of the product at the time of the arrival.

(3) The Store receives all the items (the product as well as the packages) mentioned in (2) of this article, and the Store confirms that there is no difference in the contents of the products to be returned or exchanged.

(4) The Store may refund or send a product for a replacement to the customer.

(5) Please note that if we the Store is unable to confirm (3) of this article after the Store has received all of the items in (2) of this article, the Store may not be able to accept the returns of the product after a consultation with the customer.


7. Precautions

(1) In order to return or exchange a product, the customer must return the product itself and all other items received from the Store to the Store.

(2) As a general rule, refunds may be processed with the method in which the customer has made the payment, but in cases where the method is not available by any reason, refunds may be processed by bank transfers.

(3) Regarding cancellation, return, refund, or exchange, the customer shall follow the instructions of the Store for any matters not specified in this Policy.