Privacy policy

Yushakobo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the"Store") is fully aware of its social responsibility to protect personal information and has established the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") for the services provided by the Store (hereinafter referred to as "Service" or collectively referred to as the “Services”) to handle personal information appropriately.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines of Japan set forth by Japanese government regarding the protection of personal information.
Unless otherwise specified, the terms used in this Policy shall be in accordance with the Japanese provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

User Information to be collected and method of collection

For the purposes of this Policy, "User Information" mean information related to the identification of the user, the history of the user's activities on the communication service, and any other information generated or accumulated in relation to the user or the user's terminal, which are collected by the Store in accordance with this Policy.
User Information that the Store collects in this Service is as follows, depending on the methods of collection.
(1) Information to be provided by the users
The following information is required to be provided by the users in order to use the Service or through the use of the Service.
・Profile information such as name, date of birth, gender, and occupation 
・Contact information such as email address, phone number, address 
・Information related to the payment methods such as credit card information, bank account information, and electronic money information 
・The information that the user enters or transmits through the forms or other methods specified by the Store
(2) Information provided by other services when the user permits a collaboration with other services in the use of this Service
When the user permits a collaboration with other services such as the social networking services in the use of the Service, the following information may be collected from the external services based on the details agreed upon at the time of permission. 
・IDs used for the relevant external services by the user
・Other information that the user has authorized to be disclosed to the parties according to the privacy settings of the relevant external services. 
(3) The Store may collect information on the access to the Service by the users and how the users use the Service. This may include the following information;
・IP address 
・Information on server access  logs 
・Cookies, AIDs, IDFAs, and other identifiers 

Purpose of use

The specific purposes of use of the User Information related to the provision of the Service are as follows.
(1) To provide, maintain, protect, and improve the Service, such as accepting registrations, verifying identity, recording settings, and calculating usage fees 
(2) To measure the traffics and behaviors of the users 
(3) To distribute, display, and measure the effectiveness of advertisements 
(4) To provide information and respond to inquiries regarding the Service 
(5) To respond to violations of the Terms of Use, policies (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") regarding the Service 
(6) To notify the users of changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Service

Safety Management Measures

The Store shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakages, losses, or damages of the personal data that the Store handles and to otherwise securely manages the personal data.
When the Store allows its employees to handle the personal data, the Store shall provide them with the necessary and appropriate supervisions to ensure the safe managements of the personal data.

Ensuring accuracy

The Store shall endeavor to keep the personal data accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Proper handling of Personal Information

The Store may not acquire the personal information by deception or other wrongful means. 
In the cases that the Store acquires the personal information, the Store shall promptly notify the users of the purpose for which the information shall be used, or make a public announcement of the purpose for which the information shall be used, except in cases where the purpose for which the information will be used has been publicly announced in advance.
In the events that the Store acquires the personal information in a contract or other documents (including electronic or magnetic documents or any other forms of records that may not be recognized by the perceptions of the third parties) as a result of concluding a contract with the user, or otherwise acquires the personal information of the users directly from the users in writing, the Store shall clearly indicate the purpose of use to the user in advance.

Provision to third parties

The Store shall will not provide personal information to any third parties (including those which are located outside of Japan) without a prior consent of the user. However, this does not apply to the cases where the information is provided to a third party (including a person located outside Japan) for the necessary indicated as follows; 
(1) Cases in which personal data is provided accompanied by a personal information handling business operator entrusting a whole or part of the handling of the personal information within the necessary scope to achieve a utilization purpose.
(2) Cases in which personal data is provided accompanied with business succession caused by a merger or other reason.
(3) When personal information is provided to a partner or information collection module provider in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.
(4) Cases in which there is a need to cooperate in regard to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining a principal's consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs.
(5) In any other cases permitted by Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws of Japan.

Request for Disclosure

The Store may disclose, collect, add, delete, or notify (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosure”) the purpose of use of the relevant personal data without delay if the user requests the Discloser. However, this does not apply in cases where the Store is not obligated to disclose such information under the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations of Japan. Please note that the Store may charge a fee (one-thousand (1,000) Japanese yen per case) for the disclosure of personal information. 
In the event that the Store is requested by a user to stop using, erase, or stop providing to the third parties (hereinafter referred to as the “Suspension of Use”) the data in the possession of the Store, the Store may do the Suspension of Use. However, this shall not apply in cases where the Store is not obligated to make corrections, or suspend the use, according to the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations of Japan.
If the Store does not take all or part(s) of the measures requested by the user, or if the Store takes different measures from those requested, the Store may notify the user to that effect and try to explain the reasons.

Access analysis tools

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This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not identify the user personally. The user may refuse this feature by disabling cookies, so please check the settings of your browser. For more information on this Policy, please click here.

Complaints and Consultation

The Store may strive to handle complaints regarding the handling of personal information in an appropriate and prompt manner.
The Store may strive to maintain the necessary systems to achieve the purposes described in the preceding paragraph. 
■ Items to be published based on the Japanese ”Art of Protection of personal information.”
1. Name of the business operator handling personal information
・Corporate name: Yushakobo Co., Ltd.
・Representative:  Makoto Kurauchi
2. Purpose of use of personal data
・Order managements, product deliveries, payment managements, provision of the product and service information.
3. For inquiries, please contact the Store at

Procedures for changing the privacy Policy

The Store may modify the Policy as necessary. However, in the event that the Store makes any changes to the Policy that require the consents of the users under the law of Japan, the revised Policy may only be applied to the users who have consented to the changes in the manner prescribed by the Store. In the cases that the Store makes any changes to the Policy, the Store may notify the users of the effective date and the contents of the revised Policy by displaying them on the website of the Store or by other appropriate means.


Enacted on April 1, 2008
Revised on August 1, 2021