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It is a wireless version of Keyboard Quantizer .

Keyboard Quantizer B is a device that can convert the key input of a USB keyboard to another key input and send it by wire or wirelessly.

Since it does not depend on the software of the PC, you can input with the keyboard layout you set in any environment by sandwiching this device.

Therefore, you can use CAPS LOCK as the Ctrl key on any PC, or you can enter in your favorite array. Of course, it can also be used simply as an adapter to turn a USB keyboard into a wireless keyboard.

It uses QMK Firmware, which is a standard for homebrew keyboards, and supports functions such as flexible changes to the logical layout of the keyboard and the addition of layers and macros.

You can convert not only keyboard but also mouse and trackball inputs.


--USB keyboard / mouse input analysis and conversion
--Wired / wireless transmission --Up to 8 units can be paired using a module that has acquired technical suitability.
--Rewriting a logical array using Remap
--Low power consumption --Current consumption of the main unit: Approximately 8mA
--The total current consumption varies depending on the connected device and the setting of the auto power off prevention function.
--Equipped with an auto power off prevention function for mobile batteries --It may not be effective depending on the compatibility with the battery used.

Explanation of how it works

The simple mechanism is as follows: 1. The USB host microcomputer communicates with the USB device, 2. The received report is sent to the QMK microcomputer on the board, and 3. The QMK microcomputer determines the key pressed from the report. The flow is to process on QMK.

Therefore, it cannot respond to keys that are not sent as a report, such as the Fn key. You can receive inputs such as key / volume control that are input by the combination of the Fn key and other keys.

Keyboards with NKROs and pointing devices may or may not be recognizable. It can be recognized stably if it is a keyboard or mouse (up to 8 buttons, scroll, pan) of a general protocol (modifier + reservation (1 byte) + send data for 6 keys).

For devices that cannot be recognized by the existing firmware, it is necessary to modify the firmware.

Kit contents

Body x1

important point

* It does not have a battery, so it must be powered from the USB connector.
* It may not be recognized well depending on the compatibility with the device (especially devices with a built-in USB hub).

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