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・Group Buyの開始: 2022/1/15
・Group Buyの終了: 2022/2/15


* Please do not purchase other products at the same time.

* This product is a Group Buy. Please note that it may take some time to ship.


lulu is an extensively engineered split keyboard combined Lily58 PCBs, which are open source and has been very popular, with solid cases.

lulu cases formed by blending two materials, aluminum upper pieces and polycarbonate lower pieces resulting in an elegant and alluring end product worthy of any desk.

lulu case kits are a 'bring your own PCB' solution, as the lulu case is compatible with Lily58 PCBs.


* This is a keyboard barebone only product. Key switches, keycaps etc. are not included.

* Shipping costs are required with each order. Please do not ask for combine shipping with several orders.

* Cancellation during GB will be subject to a 5% cancellation charge of the items cancelled.

* Please note that cancelling orders cannot be accepted after GB ended.


  • This product is a Group Buy. If it is unable to manufacture the product for any reason, the order may be cancelled. Please note that payment will be made at the time of order, but the purchase is not confirmed. In the cancellation process, a refund will be given. However, no further compensation will be provided.
  • Pictures are samples and may not be the same as actual products in details.
  • Although some parts may susceptible to dirt / scratches in the production process, these are specifications and we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
  • Schedule delays may occur due to manufacturing reasons or recent global situations.


  • Group Buy begins: 2022/1/15
  • Group Buy ends: 2022/2/15
  • Estimated Ship Date: Late Q2/Early Q3 2022
  • The GB period may end early or be postponed.


  • Case material (upper pieces): Aluminum
  • Case material (lower pieces): Polycarbonate
  • lulu Case Color Combinations (listed by aluminum color):

      Silver: Silver Aluminum / Clear Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware

      Space Grey: Space Grey Aluminum / Clear Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware

      Charcoal: Charcoal Aluminum / Smoke Lower Pieces / Black Hardware

      Maroon: Maroon Aluminum / Ultem Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware

  • Typing angle: 0° (Tenting kits for the lulu include legs to tent your case at 10°, 15°, and 20°.)
  • Switch plate material : Aluminum (Upper piece with integrated plate)


Case Kit:

  • 2x (L and R) Aluminum Upper Pieces
  • 2x (L and R) Injection molded polycarbonate Lower Pieces
  • 2x OLED Cover Clear
  • 2x OLED Cover Clear Frosted
  • 2x OLED retention plugs used to retain the OLED cover in the case

*You will need the optional SMT PCB or Lily58 PCB, keycaps, and keyswitches.



The specifications of the SMT PCB:

  • All components are pre-mounted
  • Kailh socket pre-assembled
  • Full key backlight/underglow
  • Rotary encoders can be mounted on both sides (soldering required)
  • USB Type-C connector for connection to PC (TRRS cable needed for communication between left and right)
  • OLED support (sockets are pre-assembled, so just plug in the optional OLED-S to use)

*lulu case kits are a 'bring your own PCB' solution, as the lulu case is compatible with Lily58 PCBs.

SMT PCB Include:

  • PCB x 2


Extra Lower Piece Kit:

Although lower pieces are include in Case Kit, in order to allow customers to customize their board further we are offering the ability to purchase additional Lower Piece Kits during GB.

Extra Lower Piece Kits Include:

  • 2x (L and R) Polycarbonate Lower Pieces


Encoder Kit:

  • 2x (L and R) Rotary Encoder Plugs
  • 2x Rotary Encoder Knobs
  • 2x Rotary Encoders

*This kit requires soldering iron to assemble. If you do not have one, a convenient tool set is available.

*The knob and cover for the rotary encoder are available with three colors: clear, smoke, and ultem, as well as the color of the lower pieces.


Tenting Kit:

  • 2x (L and R) 10° Tenting Legs
  • 2x (L and R) 15° Tenting Legs
  • 2x (L and R) 20° Tenting Legs

*The leg parts for tenting are available with three colors: clear, smoke, and ultem, as well as the color of the lower pieces.



  • Size: 900mm x 400mm
  • Thickness: 4mm


Wrist Rests:

  • Materials: EVA foam

* Please note : In some cases, the product will be delivered in a plastic bag instead of special packing materials.

Wrist Rests include:

  • Wrist Rest x 2



  • OLED x 2

* OLED modules are pre assembled with socket parts.


Additional parts you may need:

  • Cherry MX and other clone switches x 58 or 56 (with rotary encoder option)
  • Cherry MX compatible keycaps x 58 or 56 (with rotary encoder option)
  • USB Type-C connector x 1

Staff Reccomendation Comments:

This is the long-awaited aluminum case version of the Lily58, which has been very popular since the opening of the Yushakobo store.
Although the designer of the aluminum case is not the same as the Lily58 creator, the Lily58 PCB can be used without modification.
lulu's optional SMT PCB has the same key layout as the Lily58, but has the full key backlighting, underglow LEDs, and rotary encoder options that were not available on the Lily58.
If you don't want to use rotary encoder, you don't need to solder anything, so it's a good choice for beginners.
A variety of options are available, such as a wrist rest cut from EVA foam, tenting parts, and desk mats, so you can customize it as you like.


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