DZ60 V2 Flex cut Soldered PCB

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DZ60 is a GH60 compatible keyboard PCB (printed circuit board).
Separate parts are required to use it as a keyboard.
This product requires soldering of the switch, so if you are not confident in soldering, please consider this product . ( Assembly service is not supported)
Since the firmware corresponding to VIA has already been written, all keymap changes can be done from the GUI.

* Since the PCB is 1.2 mm thick, it is necessary to devise a stabilizer.
Please refer to the staff memo below.


  • 60-66 keys Supports multiple layouts
  • 1.2mm PCB
  • USB Type-C compatible
  • VIA compatible
  • Compatible with underglow LED (LED that illuminates the bottom side)
  • Equipped with CapsLock indicator (white LED)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Corresponding layout

Keys of the same color are selectable keys.

Items required separately

* 1 Type-A is used when 2u is used for the left shift key, and Type-B is used when 2.25u is used for the left shift key.
Select the acrylic plate with the layout you want to create.
* 2 The required number of stabilizers, key switches, and keycaps varies depending on the layout, so please check in advance before purchasing.

Staff memo

Most of the products usually use 1.6mm thick PCB, but this product uses 1.2mm and 0.4mm thin PCB.
In addition to the thinness of the PCB, there are four long slits on the side, and the mounting point for screwing to the case also has slits to achieve a soft keystroke feeling.
In addition, it is a PCB that is very beautiful to look at because it uses a lot of transparent resist, black board, and curved wiring that are used in some high-end keyboards.
However, most of the PCB mount stabilizers sold are for 1.6mm, so even if they are installed as they are, they will rattle.
Therefore, it is necessary to devise such as attaching masking tape or foam sticker to the stabilizer mounting part.
When I tried it, two foam stickers were just right for the clip-on stabilizer that just fits in, and one for the screw stabilizer * that was screwed.
* At our shop, we handle screw stabilizers made by Cherry , Mekanisk , GMK , and OA .

Build log

This build log will be helpful. (All japanese)
The build log is from DZ60 Rev3.0, but the assembly procedure itself remains the same.

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