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Layout: US array
Material: PBT
Profile: OSA profile
Compatible switches: Cherry MX and compatible switches
Engraved: 2-color molding (double shot)
Number of keys: 189
Thickness: 1.4 mm (actual measurement)

* This item is a keycap only. Keyboard etc. are not included.

Staff memo

A slightly unusual OSA profile keycap.
The OSA profile is like the SA profile at the height of the OEM profile.
The upper surface of the wide key is dented in a spherical shape, and the inclination of each line is set slightly stronger.
The keycap set features a lot of 1u novelty keys in the R1 and R2 rows, 1.5u Delete and Back Space, and a 1u 0 key. Since both PgUp and PgDn have R1, R2, R3, and R4, it is a set content that can be applied to many keyboards with a low staggered layout.

Recommended keyboard

Suitable for low staggered and orthodox keyboards such as DZ60 REV 3.0 type-c , DZ60 RGB V2 and KBD67 Lite .
With a 1.75u size Control key, a 1.5u size Delete, a Back Space key, and a 1u size backslash key, it is also suitable for the split 7sPro and Choco60 rev.2 .
It is impossible to match the prints on a keyboard that uses a lot of 1u keys such as column staggered, but if you use various PgUp and PgDn keys, it will not be filled.

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