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*This product is being sold on consignment from Yowkees.
*Inquiries about the product will be forwarded to the consignor (we cannot answer about the content of the product).

What is Keyball61

It is a self-made kit that aims to install a 100% user-friendly thumb trackball on a shoulder-friendly 60% left and right separated keyboard.

Each key is vertically staggered so that each finger can be naturally placed at the home position, and a 34mm trackball is attached near the thumb key, allowing mouse operation without disturbing the home position. is.

The easy-to-use index finger parenthesis key is provided, and the total number of keys is 61 on the left and right. You can use your thumb and index finger more by reducing the burden on your little finger.

The motion sensor is placed on the side of the ball to make it as thin as possible, so it does not get in the way even when the trackball is held in the palm of your hand.

The trackball holding case is injection molded and feels smooth to the touch. The precision is good, so it holds the ball well and does not fall even if the keyboard is turned upside down.

The reversible design allows left-handed users to switch the left and right boards to assemble and operate the trackball with the left hand.

In addition to the underglow, LEDs can also be mounted on the back of all keys except for the thumb keys (71 left and right total). The full-color LED (SK6812MINI-E) is not included in the kit, so please purchase it separately. A tabbed type is used for easy soldering.

The OLED module is mounted on both the left and right sides as standard.

It supports Kailh PCB sockets and can be hot-swapped with Cherry MX compatible switches. You can also change the thumb key only to Kailh Choc low profile switches to reduce the strain on your wrist.

[Items included in the kit]

  • Middle PCB (left and right) … 1 set
  • Top PCB (left and right) … 1 set
  • Middle acrylic plate (left and right) … 1 pair (including thumb)
  • Bottom acrylic plate (left and right) … 1 set
  • ProMicro protection plate (left and right set) … 1 set
  • 34mm Trabo case (upper and lower) … 1 set
  • Φ2 ceramic ball (spare) … 1 piece
  • Trackball reader board ... 1 sheet
  • L-shaped through pin (7 pin) … 1 piece
  • Trackball reading IC ... 1 piece
  • Reading IC lens ... 1 piece
  • Flat head screw M1.7 … 2 pieces
  • Small head screw M1.7 … 2 pieces
  • TRRS jack ... 2
  • Tact switch ... 2 pieces
  • ProMicro pin socket + pin header (12 pins) … 4 sets
  • Diode (chip type) … 78 +
  • OLED module … 2 pieces
  • OLED pin socket + pin header … 2 sets
  • Spacer M2 11mm … 4 pieces
  • Screw M2 3.5mm … 42 +
  • Cushion rubber ... 8 pieces
  • PCB socket for MX switch … 63 +
  • Spacer M2 7mm … 15 +
  • PCB socket for Choc switch … 5 pieces (used for thumb low profile)
  • Spacer M2 4mm … 5 pieces (used for thumb low profile)

[Not included in the kit, but the following is required]

[Although not included in the kit, the following can be installed]

Trackball operation was checked with Perix PERIPRO-303 GR 34mm replacement trackballs in red, black, blue, green, and gold.

[How to assemble]

Keyball61 is a kit that requires assembly.
How to assemble is explained on the following page.


The photo is a creation sample and is not the same as the product content.
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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