Self-made keyboard introductory set

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バリエーション: Ergo68
スイッチ: Linear Switches
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This is a great set with all the items recommended for those who want to start their own keyboard but don't know what to choose.

Selectable switch

You can choose from 3 types to suit your taste.

Linear Switch (Kailh Box Red) - A switch with a smooth push.
Tactile Switch (Kailh Box Brown) - A switch with a click feeling at the operating point.
Clicky Switch (Kailh Box White) - A switch that makes a clicking sound at the operating point.

Keyboard kit

ErgoDash … A keyboard with a large number of keys in a left-right split, ergonomic arrangement. It's a popular "thumb version" so you can rest assured even for the first time. * Please note that the sample photos are a mixture of "thumbs version" and "thumbless version".

Corne Cherry V3 … A compact and popular keyboard with 42 keys that is split left and right and has no number sequence. The key switch can be replaced with a socket type.

Lily58Pro - MX … A keyboard that is split left and right and has an ergonomic arrangement that eliminates infrequently used keys. Since it is a socket type, the key switch can be replaced.

Choco60 … A keyboard with a split array that is popular with programmers. It is popular for its fashionable appearance.

7sPro … A left-right split keyboard that makes programmers happy. It is a socket type and the main parts are already mounted, so soldering is minimal.

JISplit89 … It is a split keyboard with JIS layout that is often used. It is a socket type and the main parts are already mounted (a little soldering is required).

set content

Keyboard kit… 1 set
Kailh Box Switch NP PBT Crayon KEYCAPS SET … 1 set (☆)
TRRS cable 1 meter ... 1
USB cable Micro B 1m White or black (cannot be selected)… 1

☆ If you choose JISplit89, the keycap will change.
Majestouch replacement keycap (Japanese 108 keys, kana) … 1 set
* Please note that the sample photo is "with kana".

* Soldering is required for assembly.
If you don't have any tools, please also have a tool set .
If you are uncertain about assembly, please consider using the keyboard assembly service .
* Some keycap printing and functions may not match.
* Product composition is subject to change without notice.

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