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This item is GB (joint purchase). Orders will be accepted at 16:59 on Monday, February 24, 2020, Japan time. * The recruitment period has been extended due to delays in ordering due to the effects of the new coronavirus. After the recruitment period ends, an order will be placed and manufacturing will begin. It is scheduled to be shipped by the second quarter of 2020, but it may take longer depending on the manufacturing situation.

If the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is not reached, or if manufacturing becomes impossible for some reason, it may be canceled. Please note that payment will be made at the time of ordering, but the purchase will not be confirmed. In case of cancellation, we will refund you. However, no further compensation will be provided.

The image is rendered by CG. Please note that it may differ from the actual product.

The MBK profile is a keycap designed for Kailh's thin Choc switches. It has the following features.
--Smooth curved scoop top to hold your fingertips
--The corners are raised to make it easier to find the key
--Flat and low profile (because you don't have to use a low pro switch for a high pro keycap!)
--Sizeed to fit Kailh keycaps for compatibility with existing keyboards such as Planck Light

Currently, there are not many options for Choc switches. Also, none of them meet the quality standards we want to see. Therefore, this Group buy is done by the community.

This keycap profile was created by u / mburger89 in California, USA. Having 3D printed them and repeating them several times in different sizes (angles, homing bumps, etc.), he is confident enough to create them.

Homing keycaps are innovative in the sense that they are neither regular bumps nor bars or scoops. As you can see in the image below, the front is horizontal (that is, it does not scoop up) and has a tactile ridge that is immediately recognizable by the fingertips.

Keep in mind that depending on the manufacturing process, the "homing edge" may not be as "sharp" as it appears in the render.

Details: Details:
Material: PBT
Color options: White / Black
Dimensions: 17.5x16.5mm (1u / homing); 26.5x16.5mm (1.5u); 35.5x16.5mm (2u)
Stabilizer support: as per Kailh's specifications (2u only)

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