MX Supreme Series

SPRiT DesignsSKU: A0500MS-24-1

Bottom Out Weight: 12S
タイプ: Stainless (100本入り)
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Replacement spring for SPRiT Designs.
Please see here for details.

The MX Supreme Series is a standard linear spring.

Weight of bottoming out (weight of operating point)

15S (Actuation 10cN)-Very light spring for shorthand. For linear axis.
20S (Actuation 15cN)-Very light spring for shorthand. For linear axis.
25S (Actuation 20cN)-Very light spring for shorthand. For linear axis.
30S (Actuation 20cN)-Very light spring for shorthand. For linear axis.
35S (Actuation 25cN)-Very light spring for shorthand. For linear axis.
40S (Actuation 30cN)-Very light. For linear and click axes.
45S (Actuation 35cN)-Very light. Can be used with all types of axes.
50S (Actuation 35cN)-Faster, lighter and more elastic bottom-out than the MX red axis.
55S (Actuation 40cN) --Similar to the MX red axis, the response is fast and the stability is improved.
58S (Actuation 43cN) --MX Between the red axis and the blue axis. Bouncing bottom out.
60S (Actuation 45cN) --Similar to the MX blue axis, with faster curves and better stability.
62S-Tighter and more emphasized than the blue axis. Faster and better bounce response.
63.5S --Pursuing between 62g and 65g.
65S-Heavier than the normal MX blue axis. Smooth and stable action.
68S-Reproduces the legendary vintage black with a light and smooth feel
72S-A special homage to the stretchy vintage black of the 1980s. Smoother and lighter than stock black.
It is 20% softer than the 78S-MX Clear and has a similar curved cushioned bottom out.
Slightly 10% lighter than 85S-MX Clear. It starts at 30g and ends at 85g.
Similar to 100S-MX Gray. It starts softly at 40g and bottoms out at 100g.

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