Navpad 1.0

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Navpad 1.0

"It takes up a lot of space when you have a full keyboard" Navpad 1.0 is a keypad that cuts out such a navigation cluster and numpad.
By adding 2 keys in the immediate vicinity of the cursor keys, you can smoothly use cursor movement and PgUp / PgDn, tab / shift + tab, etc.

Up to 35 key switches can be placed

It is supposed to be used with a typical Numpad 17 key + Navigation Cluster 15 key, 32 keys in total ( ).
Each 2U size key can be divided into 1U, and up to 35 keys can be arranged (up to 36 keys can be arranged by using a rotary encoder with a switch).

Add 2 keys to the arrow keys

In situations where spreadsheet software is used for accounting, you can assign and use'Tab','Shift + Tab', etc., which are convenient for moving left and right cells.

Compatible with aluminum feet for tilt

You can use it at an angle by purchasing an additional "Aluminum feet set for tilting".

Acrylic plate set for exclusive use is on sale

By purchasing "Keyboard Acrylic Plate-Navpad 1.0" , you can use the plate of your favorite color, and you can also use the stabilizer for plate mounting. (The Numpad part is fixed with a 17-key layout)


  • kit
  • 1 PCB
  • 1 top plate
  • 1 bottom plate
  • 36 diodes
  • 1 ProMicro
  • 1 tact switch
  • 9 M2 7mm spacers
  • 2 M2 5mm spacers
  • 22 M2 4mm screws
  • 4 rubber legs

Aluminum feet set

  • 9 M2 8mm spacers
  • 2 M4 6mm slim head machine screws
  • Anodized CNC Aluminum Feet 1 set

Separately required parts

In addition to this, key switches and keycaps (32 to 35 each) for assembly, stabilizers when using 2U keys,
When using a rotary encoder, you will need the rotary encoder body and knobs, so please have them ready.
Click here for key switches, click here for stabilizers, and click here for rotary encoders with knobs.

please note

  • This kit requires'soldering' to assemble. If you do not have one, we have a convenient tool set , so please consider it as well.
  • Please note that Kailh Choc switch and Kailh Mid-height switch are not supported .
  • LED (SK6812MINI-E) can be used with this kit, but please note that it is not included in the kit.
  • Product details / product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.
  • The photo is a sample created and is not the same as the product content.

Click here for the build guide.

Staff comments

Since homebrew keyboards often have a compact key layout, many layouts do not have cursor keys or a numeric keypad.
Even so, I think that there are times when you don't mind when entering characters normally, but you still want the numeric keypad for work such as accounting.
I usually use a keyboard that is laid out according to the shape of my hand, and sometimes I think that I can work efficiently by using this NavPad.
Also, since the firmware has a high degree of freedom like a self-made keyboard, it is possible to input complicated mathematical formulas and frequently entered character strings with one key.

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